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Preaching by Richard Finn O.P.


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fr Richard Finn OP is Novice Master and Promoter of Fund Raising for the English Province of the Order of Preachers.

24th August 2014: What's in a Name?

fr Richard shows us the significance of St Peter's act of naming Jesus as the Christ.

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27th October 2013: Humble Prayer

fr Richard notes how humility must lie at the heart of our prayer.

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25th December 2012: Freed for Joy

fr Richard directs our attention to the infant Jesus as Prince of Peace and source of our joy.

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25th March 2012: Poison and Antidote

fr Richard Finn calls on us to enter into Christ's self-sacrifice.

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1st May 2011: The Soil of Love

fr Richard Finn calls on us to live by the Spirit we have received from the risen Christ.

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6th June 2010: Whetting Our Appetites

fr Richard Finn ponders on the significance of Melchizedek as a figure of Christ.

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12th July 2009: The inescapable vocation

fr. Richard Finn considers the prophetic and apostolic call through the ages.

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26th October 2008: What Think Ye of Christ?

fr Richard Finn ponders the mystery of God's love in a fallen world. more »

2nd December 2007: Stay Awake!

fr Richard Finn fights off the temptation to an often-ignored but truly deadly sin. more »

12th November 2006: The Gamble of Love

fr Richard Finn finds in Christ's death and resurrection a transforming 'Yes' to the generosity of two poor widows. more »

5th February 2006: A New Sabbath

fr Richard Finn sees in the story of the healing of Simon Peter's mother-in-law an opportunity to take a new perspective. more »

7th November 2004: Marriage, Martyrdom and Resurrection

fr Richard Finn tells us how both marriage and celibacy can point us towards the risen life of God's Kingdom. more »

11th April 2004: The Dawning of Faith

fr. Richard Finn preaches for the Mass celebrated on Easter Sunday morning. more »

13th April 2003: Parody or Reality?

fr. Richard Finn preaches on the meaning of the Triumphal Entry into the city. more »

9th May 2002: Love without jealousy

fr. Richard Finn preaches on the bafflement of Jesus' departure. more »

24th December 2000: A Hastening Joy

With Christmas no more than hours away, fr. Richard Finn preaches a homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent. more »