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Preaching by Aidan Nichols O.P.


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fr Aidan Nichols is a well-known writer and theologian living in the Priory of St Michael, Archangel, in Cambridge.

1st June 2014: The Risen Lamb

fr Aidan shows us how Jesus Christ continues to be present to us after His Ascension.

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18th August 2013: Peace on Earth?

fr Aidan argues that the sacrifice of Calvery changes Jesus Christ for ever, so that he may change us for ever.

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28th October 2012: Have Mercy on Me

fr Aidan shows us how to read the miraculous cure of Bartimaeus in the light of creation and redmeption in Jesus Christ.

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1st January 2012: The Rose That Bare Jesu

fr Aidan Nichols preaches on the importance of Our Lady in the mystery of our salvation.

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30th January 2011: What Love Will Endure

fr Aidan Nichols finds profound challenges and hope in the Beatitudes.

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28th February 2010: The Last Word

fr Aidan Nichols wonders why we read about the Transfiguration in Lent.

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26th April 2009: Doubt No Longer

fr Aidan Nichols discusses the difference between doubt and difficulty.

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15th June 2008: No Fear of Failure

fr Aidan Nichols finds challenge and encouragement in the mission of the twelve apostles. more »

1st July 2007: Nowhere to Lay his Head

fr Aidan Nichols preaches on the placelessness of Christ. more »

15th August 2006: Noblesse Oblige

fr Aidan Nichols preaches on the Christ-like end of Our Lady's life. more »

6th November 2005: Not just Waiting for God

fr Aidan Nichols preaches on the death of Christ as the climactic moment of human history. more »

3rd April 2005: Experiencing the Risen Word

fr Aidan Nichols suggests that faith in the tradition of the Church goes hand in hand with our experience of the Risen Christ. more »

13th June 2004: In the House of Simon

fr. Aidan Nichols preaches on the true honour shown to Christ by the 'woman who was a sinner'. For preaching for Corpus Christi, which in Scotland is transferred to this Sunday, click here. more »

22nd February 2004: Gospel Morals

fr. Aidan Nichols asks what Catholic morality really is. more »

12th October 2003: The Rich Young Man

fr. Aidan Nichols preaches on the man who had kept all the commandments and whom Jesus loved. more »

23rd March 2003: The Temple of his Body

fr. Aidan Nichols preaches on how the Christian experience of God transcends the limitations of law and the particularity of place. more »

4th August 2002: Mirable of Multiplication

fr. Aidan Nichols preaches on the meaning of Christ's miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fishes. more »

21st October 2001: The Articulation of Desire

fr. Aidan Nichols preaches a Catholic defence of the Prayer of Petition. more »

29th June 2001: Guardian and Prophet

fr. Aidan Nichols preaches on the apostolicity of the Roman Church. more »