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Preaching by Euan Marley O.P.


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fr. Euan Marley O.P. is parish priest at St Columba's, Glasgow.

29th June 2014: Beloved Criminals

fr Euan argues that the martyrdoms of Saints Peter and Paul resulted from their compulsion to tell the truth.

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9th February 2014: Whether There is God

fr Euan reflects on how our belief in God is not merely a belief in 'a God', and thus how belief in God involves everything we do.

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17th November 2013: Rising in the Air

fr Euan refects on the nature of permanance and change.

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20th January 2013: The Servants Knew

fr Euan guides us to see how our lives can become part of Christ's transforming work.

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6th April 2012: Facing The Cross

fr Euan Marley considers the difference between 'death' and 'dying'.

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5th June 2011: Look at the Sky

fr Euan Marley directs our eyes upwards.

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13th February 2011: An Angry Jesus

fr Euan Marley suggests that St Thomas Aquinas's teaching on anger helps us to understand today's Gospel.

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4th April 2010: And No Religion Too

fr Euan Marley wonders why the Resurrection seems to have nothing to do with religion.

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19th March 2009: A Link in the Chain

fr Euan Marley preaches on St Joseph's hope.

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17th March 2009: A Scarred Saint

fr Euan Marley offers a bonus sermon for the Feast of Saint Patrick

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2nd November 2008: A Great Divine Courtesy

In praying for the dead, fr Euan Marley becomes an instrument of the Resurrection. For preaching on All Saints, which is England and Wales is transferred to today, click here. more »

6th April 2008: A Bad Case of Heartburn

fr Euan Marley shows us how Christ has always been with his people, since the beginning of time. more »

25th November 2007: Coming Soon: 'The King'

fr Euan Marley considers the importance of 'The'. more »

3rd June 2007: It Takes More Than Two

fr Euan Marley preaches on the love that has no past tense. more »

5th November 2006: The Human Voice of God

fr Euan Marley preaches on the dialogue between God and humanity. more »

15th January 2006: Becoming What We Are

fr Euan Marley tells us what it means when Jesus calls Peter - and us - by our names. more »

30th December 2005: The Fire of Love

fr Euan Marley preaches on the love that spreads from Jesus, through the Holy Family, to the whole world. more »

29th May 2005: Advice about Building a House

fr Euan Marley issues a call for a new kind of friendship and a new kind of politics.
In some places, the Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated this Sunday. For preaching on Corpus Christi, click here. more »

9th February 2005: The Benefits of a Dirty Face

fr Euan Marley invites us to dodge the attentions of the woman with the umbrella and join him on the omnibus. more »

2nd February 2005: The Prayers the Church Stands For

fr Euan Marley tells us why the Prayer of Simeon is worth standing up for. more »

19th September 2004: Clever Stupidity

fr. Euan Marley preaches on some Gospel characters. more »

14th March 2004: The Fire

fr. Euan Marley preaches on the questions asked by children and adults. more »

25th December 2003: Silence at Christmas

fr. Euan Marley preaches on the Gospel read at Mass during the Day. more »

19th October 2003: The Temptations of Service

fr. Euan Marley preaches on a request made to Jesus by two of his disciples. more »

19th June 2003: The Power of Words

fr. Euan Marley preaches for the Feast of Corpus Christi, which in Scotland is transferred to Sunday, 22 June. more »

22nd December 2002: The power of silence

fr. Euan Marley preaches on the powerful silence of the Mother of Christ. more »

8th September 2002: Anger, conflict and obedience

fr. Euan Marley preaches on our Lord's teaching on the resolution of conflict among Christians. more »

5th May 2002: Wild and Wonderful

fr. Euan Marley preaches on the wildness of the divine Spirit. more »

11th November 2001: Sons of the Resurrection

fr. Euan Marley preaches on life after death. more »

10th December 2000: No More Mountains

fr. Euan Marley, the prior of Blackfriars, Edinburgh, preaches a homily for the second Sunday of Advent. more »

1st January 2000: On Art

fr. Euan Marley, at the invitation of the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, preaches the sermon at the opening service of the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. more »