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Preaching by Leo Edgar O.P.


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fr Leo Edgar is an assistant priest st St Dominic's, London.

5th March 2014: They Have Had Their Reward

fr Leo invites us to see Lent as a time when we come before God in a spirit of repentance and reconciliation.

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12th May 2013: A Celebration of Separation, Anticipation and Imagination

fr Leo argues that the gift of imagination is essential in helping us to understand the Ascension.

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15th July 2012: Carry Nothing but the Word

fr Leo examines how the excess baggage of modern life can get in the way of peaching the Word.

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28th August 2011: Absolutely Clear

fr Leo Edgar warns us against making the Gospel too cosy.

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24th October 2010: Out of Step?

fr Leo Edgar warns us about the danger of spiritual pride.

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8th November 2009: Executing Justice, Promising Freedom

fr Leo Edgar finds in the Gospel a challenge to the modern world.

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4th January 2009: Stars Shine in Your Eyes

fr Leo Edgar preaches the wonder of the Incarnation to all creation.

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17th February 2008: A Revelation on the Mountain

fr Leo Edgar encourages us to keep looking upwards. more »