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Preaching by Dominic Ryan O.P.


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fr Dominic Ryan is completing his doctoral studies in theology, and working as chaplain to the Royal Free Hospital in north London.

28th December 2014: Holy Waiting

fr Dominic explains the significance of Jesus Christ's family life.

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9th March 2014: An Embarrassing Story?

fr Dominic shows us how to make sense of the story of Christ's temptation in the wilderness.

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5th May 2013: Home Making

fr Dominic shows us a way to understand how the Holy Trinity can dwell within us.

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8th July 2012: Recognizing Jesus Christ

fr Dominic urges us to allow Jesus Christ to break through the barriers we place in the way of his truth.

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21st August 2011: The Unvarnished Truth

fr Dominic Ryan goes, in spirit, with the pilgrims to World Youth Day in Madrid.

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10th October 2010: Perfect Gratitude

fr Dominic Ryan asks us to consider what stage we have reached on the road to heaven.

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1st November 2009: What We May Become

fr Dominic Ryan encourages us to use our imagination.

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1st January 2009: Remind Thy Son

fr Dominic Ryan meditates on the maternal intercession of the Holy Mother of God.

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10th February 2008: The Imitation of Christ

fr Dominic Ryan invites us to follow Christ into the wilderness. more »

11th November 2007: Unlimited Hope

fr Dominic Ryan finds in today's Gospel a challenge to our ideas about hope. more »