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Preaching by Benedict Jonak O.P.


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fr Benedict lives at the Priory of St Michael the Archangel in Cambridge, where he is cantor and bursar, and works as Chaplain to St Mary’s University in Twickenham. He is also Chaplain to Association of Blind Catholics (ABC). If you have any blind or partially sighted friends who might benefit from belonging to the ABC network please contact fr Benedict.

26th October 2014: Be Perfect

fr Benedict asks whether the Church would still be needed if we had never sinned.

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25th December 2013: Joy in Our Winter

fr Benedict tell us how the birth of Christ destroys the vicious circle of godless life.

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24th February 2013: Expectant Glory

fr Benedict argues that our expectation as Christians is nothing less then sharing in the glory of the resurrection.

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13th May 2012: Don't Keep Your Distance

fr Benedict Jonak speaks of God's desire to have companionship with us.

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26th June 2011: Amazing Grace

fr Benedict Jonak links God's gift to the Church of the Eucharist to the Incarnation of Christ.

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8th August 2010: Waiting for God

fr Benedict Jonak encourages us to follow the example of Abraham as we look forward to the end of history.

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5th April 2009: Freedom to Live

fr Benedict Jonak ponders the questions raised by the Passion of Christ.

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22nd June 2008: Tell All Your Friends

fr Benedict Jonak encourages us to share St Paul's good news with the whole world. more »

8th July 2007: In the Vanguard

fr Benedict Jonak finds profound meaning in the sending of the disciples two-by-two. more »