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Preaching by Dominic White O.P.


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fr. Dominic White is chaplain to Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, and runs the cultural activities of St. Dominic's, Newcastle. He is the founder of the Cosmos dance project www.cosmosdance.com and patron of Eliot Smith Dance Company.

7th September 2014: Graced to Heal Wounds

fr Dominic reflects on how honesty in our relationships can be a source of healing.

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24th November 2013: Things in Heaven and Things on Earth

fr Dominic reflects on suffering and our role in redeeming creation (we also publish a poem writen by fr Dominic on related themes).

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13th January 2013: Adopted Children

fr Dominic helps us to understand what it means to be adopted Children of God.

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5th April 2012: Inappropriate Behaviour

fr Dominic White encourages us to appreciate the Eucharist with all our senses.

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22nd May 2011: Dare to be Changed

fr Dominic White is not a fundamentalist.

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27th June 2010: Free

fr Dominic White finds that the Spirit frees him to discover who he really is.

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26th July 2009: Fasting and Feasting

fr Dominic White invites us to appreciate anew the gift of the Eucharist.

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19th October 2008: Beating the Crunch

fr Dominic White withdraws his trust in Mammon and turns to Divine Providence. more »

4th November 2007: Real Pleasures

fr Dominic White invites us to open ourselves to Christ's transforming gaze. more »

15th October 2006: The Gift of Wisdom

fr Dominic White encourages us to find time and space in our lives for the Wisdom of God. more »

27th November 2005: Eager Longing

fr. Dominic White invites us to make a home fit for Christ's second coming, in our hearts and in our world. more »