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Preaching by Richard Conrad O.P.


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fr. Richard Conrad teaches dogmatic and sacramental theology at Blackfriars, Oxford, and is director of the Aquinas Institute.

11th January 2015: Mercy and Loyalty

fr Richard brings out the full significance of St Mark's account of the the Baptism of the Lord by showing us how Jesus Christ reveals the Father's mercy and loyalty.

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23rd March 2014: Living Water

fr Richard explains how the encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well foretells how He will give the Holy Spirit to us by His death on the cross.

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26th May 2013: One God, Three Persons

fr Richard reflects on the relationships within the One God.

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29th July 2012: The Spirit Enlarges Our Hearts

fr Richard reflects upon how our lives are transformed and perfected through Jesus Christ.

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18th September 2011: Putting Food on the Table

fr Richard Conrad draws out the social and economic implications of the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

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7th November 2010: An Explosive Development

fr Richard Conrad explores how God's people came to understand the fullness of our future hope.

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6th December 2009: Sure and Certain Hope

fr Richard Conrad preaches on St Paul's hope and love for his fellow Christians.

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2nd February 2009: Christ Our Light

fr Richard Conrad shows how the Saviour, coming into the world, burns like a candle.

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21st March 2008: The Promise of Eternal Friendship

fr Richard Conrad meditates on the many models scripture gives us for understanding Christ's death. more »

8th April 2007: It's Only Natural

fr Richard Conrad explains why our lives are like upside-down icebergs. more »

18th June 2006: Crazy Sparrows

fr Richard Conrad gives us reason to laugh at ourselves - and at Jesus.

In some places, the Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated today. A sermon for Corpus Christi can be found here. more »

15th May 2005: Channels of Divine Love

fr Richard Conrad preaches on Pentecost as the completion of the work of Christ and a new beginning. more »

8th December 2004: Beginning the Pilgrimage of Freedom

fr Richard Conrad shows how the Spirit of freedom from sin that Jesus pours out was with the Blessed Virgin Mary from the beginning of her existence. more »

14th September 2003: Hail, Cross!

The Prior of Holy Cross, Leicester, preaches on its patronal feast. more »

19th January 2003: Where do you abide?

fr. Richard Conrad preaches on Jesus' first meeting with some of his disciples. more »

30th May 2002: Feast of God's Friendship

fr. Richard Conrad preaches on how divine friendship is extended to us in the holy eucharist. more »

24th May 2001: Why did Jesus have to go away?

fr. Richard Conrad addresses three questions we might ask about the mystery of the Ascension. more »