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Preaching by Peter Clarke O.P.

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fr Peter Clarke OP is a member of the Holy Rosary Priory, Grenada, and with his twin brother Isidore writes 'My Way God's Way'.

23rd November 2014: SUBJECTS OF CHRIST THE KING?

fr Peter reflects upon how Christ's Kingship is founded in humility.

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15th January 2014: BAPTISING JESUS

fr Peter tells us how Jesus identfies with the lowly in His baptism.

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24th March 2013: MIXED MESSAGES!

fr Peter refelcts upon the contradictory reactions which Jesus Christ encountered on His entry into Jerusalem.

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3rd June 2012: The Mystery of Life, The Mystery of Love

fr Peter meditates on the Holy Trinity as a communion of overwhelming love.

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3rd July 2011: Me? A Mere Child?

fr Peter Clarke suggests that one aspect of being 'like a little child' is acknowledging when we have done wrong.

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15th August 2010: Bodily into Eternity

fr Peter Clarke preaches on the need for the Doctrine of the Assumption in the present age.

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13th September 2009: A Tortured Relationship

fr Peter Clarke suggests that the possibility of discipleship sets us apart from other animals.

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7th December 2008: An Overriding Voice

fr Peter Clarke clears out the garbage of sin through the overriding voice of the Word. more »

30th December 2007: Fighting for Survival

fr Peter Clarke reminds us of the importance of family life. more »

7th January 2007: Extraordinary Time Begins

fr Peter Clarke sees the Baptism of the Lord as the beginning of a three-year long epiphany.
In many places the feast of the Epiphany is transferred to today. A sermon for the Epiphany can be found here. more »

1st March 2006: Not for Eating

fr Peter Clarke preaches on the meaning of the imposition of ashes. more »

14th December 2003: Heralding the Reign of God

fr. Peter Clarke preaches on our true spiritual preparation for Christmas. more »

21st July 2002: Disturbing Rustic Parable

fr. Peter Clarke asks whether the parable of the wheat and the weeds has an application beyond the Christian community. more »

20th May 2001: A Homely God

fr. Peter Clarke preaches on the God who makes his home in us. more »