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Preaching by John O'Connor O.P.


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fr. John O'Connor is Prior of Blackfriars, Oxford, and Secretary of Studies of the Hall and Studium.

12th October 2014: Celebrating Common Humanity

fr John helps us to see how Jesus Christ retores human beings to an original untiy.

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22nd December 2013: Our God Comes to Meet Us

fr John helps us to see how God comes to each of us with our imperfect ways when sending us His Son.

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17th February 2013: Sleepwalking Through Life

fr John uses a comparison from the works of John Le Carré, to show how we all have a tendency to sleepwalk into sin.

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6th May 2012: Face to Face

fr John O'Connor preaches on the extraordinary experience, and the extraordinary zeal, of Saint Paul.

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18th June 2011: Brothers and Sisters of the Son

fr John O'Connor uses the Our Father to explore the meaning of the doctrine of the Trinity.

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17th October 2010: Urgency and Eternity

fr John O'Connor invites us to commit to our prayers, and to try to see things from God's perspective.

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22nd November 2009: How to Win the War

fr John O'Connor wonders why the powerful want to be powerful.

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1st February 2009: Nothing in Return

fr John O'Connor preaches on the complexity of real love.

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23rd March 2008: 'Come With Me, And I Will Show You'

fr John O'Connor preaches on the events that began with the finding of the empty tomb. more »

29th April 2007: Sheep Who Don't Follow the Herd

fr John O'Connor preaches on the difficulty of following the voice of Christ in the modern world. more »

9th July 2006: Wise Creatures

fr John O'Connor finds solace in being a creature. more »

2nd October 2005: The Power of Christ

fr John O'Connor preaches on the difference between true power and the abuse of power by the wicked tenants. more »

26th May 2005: More Than Just Being There

fr John O'Connor preaches on the depth of Christ's presence in the Eucharist. more »

8th August 2004: Where your treasure is

fr. John O'Connor preaches on a simple yet fundamental question. For fr. Allan White preaching on St Dominic, whose Solemnity the Order of Preachers celebrates today, click here. more »

28th September 2003: Not one of us?

fr. John O'Connor preaches on the disciples' attitude to an exorcist not of their company. more »