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Preaching by Leon Pereira O.P.


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Fr Leon Kuriakos Pereira OP is completing a Doctorate through the Pontifical University of St Thomas (the Angelicum) in Rome, and is resident at St Dominic's Priory, London. He is the former editor of torch.op.org.

16th November 2014: Entering the Master's Joy

fr Leon shows how we are given the choice of either to enter into the grace of God's Providence or to refuse the gift.

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25th May 2014: The Hope That is Within You

fr Leon reflects on the relationship between faith and doubt.

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15th August 2013: Mediatrix of All Graces

fr Leon show us how a true appreciation of the humanity of Our Holy Mother Mary shows us the role she plays in Christ's work for our redemption.

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21st October 2012: To Save the Many

fr Leon shows how worldly status is unimportant to Jesus Christ, who came to save the many.

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18th December 2011: House of Gold

fr Leon Pereira urges us to accept Our Lady as our Mother, in accordance with Christ's command.

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26th September 2010: Still Too Ugly

fr Leon Pereira agrees with Zola that all the miracles in the world are not enough to bring someone to faith.

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15th November 2009: When The Man Comes Around

fr Leon Pereira is looking forward to the end of the world.

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18th January 2009: Namer and Named

fr Leon Pereira asks, 'What's in a name?'

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9th November 2008: The Temple of Christ's Body

fr Leon Pereira preaches on the anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral church of Rome. more »

14th September 2008: One and Only Noble Tree

The Prior of Holy Cross, Leicester, preaches on its patronal feast. more »

18th November 2007: He Leadeth Me

fr Leon Pereira contrasts foolish bravado with true faith in God's grace. more »

7th October 2007: Guns and Roses

fr Leon Pereira is neither an optimist nor a pessimist. more »

25th December 2006: Alpha es et O

fr Leon Pereira tells of the unconquerable love of God revealed in the incarnation. more »

1st November 2006: For All the Saints

fr Leon Pereira reminds us that the Liturgy is the Church's sharing in the worship of the Blessed in Heaven. more »

15th June 2006: Food that's Simply Divine

fr Leon Pereira suggests that the Blessed Sacrament is not to be toyed with. more »

8th December 2005: Younger than Sin

fr Leon Pereira shows us how the Immaculate Conception gives us the promise of eternal youth.
A sermon for the Third Sunday of Advent can be found here. more »

30th October 2005: It's Nicer Not To Be Needed

fr Leon Pereira knows that he doesn't do God any favours. more »

9th October 2005: A Feast of Fat Things

fr Leon Pereira offers consolation for those who find little pleasure in a low-fat diet. more »

21st August 2005: You are Rock

fr Leon Pereira contrasts the rock of Peter's faith with the shifting sands of fashion. more »

27th March 2005: Triumph over Life

fr Leon Pereira reminds us that the Resurrection is much more than a happy ending. more »

15th August 2004: You and the ark of your strength

fr. Leon Pereira draws attention to how Scripture sees our Lady as the ark of the new covenant. more »

21st September 2003: Not for the weak?

fr. Leon Pereira preaches on the weakness of Christ and Christians. more »