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Preaching by David Goodill O.P.


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fr. David Goodill OP is resident at St Cuthbert's, Durham, and is working on a doctorate based at the University of Fribourg. He is the editor of Torch.

25th December 2014: A Saviour has been Born to You

fr David reflects upon how the child Jesus furnishes and decks our souls.

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19th October 2014: Respect for Politicians

fr David show us a way of understanding Jesus' saying in regard to paying taxes.

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10th August 2014: Small Boats

fr David shows how the humanity of Jesus Christ communicates the gentle presence of God in the midst of violence.

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2nd February 2014: Transforming Hope

fr David argues that the hope given to us in Jesus Christ frees us from the burdens of the past.

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10th November 2013: Made Great in His Greatness

fr David urges us to see how through Jesus Christ our failures can be made into God's great work.

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13th February 2013: In a Hidden Place

fr David outlines how almsgiving, praying and fasting are our particpation in Christ's work of our redemption.

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9th September 2012: Be Opened

fr David looks at how our hearts are opened by Jesus Christ.

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12th February 2012: Jesus Stretched Out His Hand

fr David Goodill finds inspiration in the life of St Damien de Moloka'i.

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13th March 2011: He Looks Down on the Earth

fr David Goodill takes us from Eden to the Cross, by way of a high mountain.

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21st March 2010: Know Yourself

fr David Goodill shows how Christ humbles the proud and lifts up the lowly from the dust.

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3rd May 2009: Far from the Passive Crowd

fr David Goodill is not ashamed to be thought of as sheepish.

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3rd August 2008: Bring Them to Me

fr David Goodill offers the unifying integrity of Christ to a world divided within itself. more »

15th July 2007: Just Love

fr David Goodill preaches on the difference between love and justice. more »

10th September 2006: The Silence of the Cross

fr David Goodill wonders how we might market Christian silence. more »

13th November 2005: Redeeming Time

fr David Goodill preaches on the way the parable of the talents exhorts us to put our trust in Christ's passion. more »

10th April 2005: Seeing and Believing

fr David Goodill exhorts us to be more like Sherlock Holmes and less like Doctor Watson. more »

7th March 2004: Citizens of Heaven

fr. David Goodill preaches on the needs of the exile. more »

2nd February 2003: Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation

fr. David Goodill preaches on how Luke directs our gaze to the light of Christ. more »

22nd September 2002: God's Generosity

fr. David Goodill preaches on the gifts of God to those whom he loves. more »