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Preaching by Aelred Connelly O.P.

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fr Aelred Connelly is a member of the house of St Columba's parish, Glasgow, and is chaplain to a Young Offenders' Institution.

31st August 2014: Beyond the Present Moment

fr Aelred shows how the cross of Jesus Christ jolts us out of our complacency in the here and now.

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15th September 2013: Rejoice with Me

fr Aelred reflects on how our own little golden calves prevent us from rejoicing in the feast of the Lamb.

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25th November 2012: Where is the Kingdom?

fr Aelred reflects on the hopes for the coming of the Kingdom for the post war generation.

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19th February 2012: Mercy

fr Aelred Connelly invites us to allow Christ to free us from the paralysis of sin.

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3rd April 2011: Born Blind

fr Aelred Connelly shares with us the lessons he learned from his parents.

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16th May 2010: Ut Unum Sint

fr Aelred Connelly relishes the challenge of answering Christ's prayer for unity.

A sermon for the Ascension, which in many places is transferred to this Sunday, may be found here.

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28th June 2009: The Healing of the Nations

fr Aelred Connelly preaches on the healing power of Christ and the sacraments.

A sermon for the Solemnity of SS Peter and Paul can be found here.

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12th October 2008: All You Can Eat

fr Aelred Connelly whets our appetite for the messianic banquet. more »

1st November 2007: Forward in Hope

fr Aelred Connelly finds inspiration for the Church Militant in the manifold examples offered by the Church Triumphant. more »

20th August 2006: The Word Made Flesh

fr Aelred Connelly preaches on the duties of a Church born at the foot of the Cross and nourished on the Bread of Life. more »

20th November 2005: Practical Kingship

fr Aelred Connelly proposes ways in which we can share in the kingship of Christ. more »

5th May 2005: Out of the Depths

fr Aelread Connelly muses on the Church's recent experience of death and ascension. more »

30th May 2004: The Meaning of Pentecost

fr. Aelred Connelly preaches on God's greatest gift to his people. more »

31st August 2003: Take this to heart

fr. Aelred Connelly preaches on the pure religion of the Law of Christ. more »

29th March 2002: He died that we might live

fr. Aelred Connelly preaches on the Passion of the Servant of the Lord. more »

1st April 2001: A New Deed

fr. Aelred Connelly preaches on our new freedom in Christ. more »