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Preaching by Piers Linley O.P.


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fr. Piers Linley is Chaplain to the Dominican Sisters at Bushey in Hertfordshire.

2nd January 2011: Grumpy

fr Piers Linley imagines that he is a camel.

more »

14th February 2010: As Blessed as the Poor

fr Piers Linley finds a challenge to the wealthy in St Luke's Gospel.

more »

24th August 2008: To Kneel where Worship has been Valid

fr Piers Linley waxes lyrical on the ineffable. more »

17th June 2007: The Women in His Life

fr Piers Linley preaches on the role of women in Luke's Gospel. more »

16th July 2006: The Musings of Joseph Barsabbas

fr Piers Linley imagines the one disciple's reaction to the sending out of the twelve. more »

10th July 2005: Soon May it Come

fr Piers Linley imagines how the preaching of Christ might look to a Galilean farmer. more »

17th April 2005: A Despised Occupation

fr Piers Linley preaches on the shepherd who is a leader but also an outcast. more »

26th September 2004: Share your bread

fr. Piers Linley preaches on a parable told by Jesus in which the lots of two men are reversed in death. more »

8th June 2003: The Holy Spirit

fr. Piers Linley is inspired to get poetical for Pentecost. more »

29th June 2002: Don't underestimate Paul!

fr. Piers Linley preaches on the solemnity, which in England and Wales is transferred to Sunday, 30 June. For fr. Gordian Marshall preaching on the readings of the ordinary Sunday, click here. more »

23rd December 2001: Christmas is a collage!

fr. Piers Linley preaches on the obedience of St Joseph. more »