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Preaching by Rudolf Loewenstein O.P.


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fr. Rudolf Loewenstein is an assistant priest in the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary and St Dominic, London, and teaches at St Christina's School in St John's Wood.

27th April 2008: If You Really Love Me...

fr Rudolf Löwenstein ponders a dangerous 'if'. more »

15th April 2007: Progress in the Life of the Spirit

fr Rudolf Löwenstein looks at the Church's answers to an often-asked question. more »

14th May 2006: In God's Time

fr Rudolf Löwenstein preaches on the image of the vine. more »

24th October 2004: How do you pray?

fr. Rudolf Loewenstein preaches on the meaningfulness of our prayer. more »

24th August 2003: Choose whom you wish to serve

fr. Rudolf Loewenstein preaches on the choice presented to the peoples of the times of Joshua and Jesus. more »

13th October 2002: Called and Chosen

fr. Rudolf Loewenstein preaches on the parable of the wedding feast. more »

16th December 2001: Answering John

fr. Rudolf Löwenstein preaches on Jesus' reply to a question carried from an imprisoned John the Baptist. more »