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Preaching by Peter H. Harries O.P.


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fr. Peter Harries is chaplain to the University College London Hospitals NHS Trust.

28th July 2014: Take and Eat

fr Peter brings out the rich symbolic meaning of the feeding of the five thousand.

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20th October 2013: A Surge of the Heart

Fr Peter shows us how prayer lies at the heart of all we do.

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23rd December 2012: Salvation is Close at Hand

fr Peter helps us to preare for the coming of the Saviour by reflecting on the journey of Our Holy Mother Mary to her cousin Elizabeth.

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11th March 2012: A Many-Leveled Sign

fr Peter Harries preaches on the cleansing of the temple.

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22nd April 2011: Accepting Mercy

fr Peter Harries preaches on the liturgy of Good Friday. The sermon for Holy Thursday can be found by clikcing on this link.

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13th May 2010: Completing the Circle of Joy

fr Peter Harries finds a source of deep joy in the Ascension of the Lord.

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7th June 2009: The Faith of the Apostles

fr Peter Harries urges us to continue struggling with the complex truth of the Gospel.

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7th September 2008: The Debt of Love

fr Peter Harries shows that the love of Christ has nothing to do with wishy-washyness. more »

30th September 2007: An Inclusive Party

fr Peter Harries finds both challenge and promise in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. more »

27th May 2007: Paraclete, or Parakeets?

fr Peter Harries tells us that the Holy Spirit should lead us to truth as well as to beauty. more »

30th July 2006: Christ our Passover

fr Peter Harries preaches on the sign of the barley loaves. more »

4th September 2005: A Community of Mercy

fr Peter Harries preaches on forgiveness, the principal rule of the Christian Church. more »

30th January 2005: Comfort for All

fr Peter Harries shows us that the Beatitudes are good news for more than just funerals. more »

29th June 2004: A Roman Feast

fr. Peter Harries preaches on the two apostles who each made his way to the imperial city. more »

13th July 2003: Prophet of Justice

fr. Peter Harries preaches on the often unwelcome message of the prophets. more »

28th July 2002: Three Parables

fr. Peter Harries preaches on three more parables of the Kingdom. more »

1st November 2001: The Ordinary Extra-Ordinary

fr. Peter Harries on all those individual men and women who are not formally recognised by the Church as 'Saints'. more »