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Preaching by Giles Hibbert O.P.


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fr. Giles Hibbert is the manager of Blackfriars Publications.

4th February 2007: A Complex Faith

fr Giles Hibbert is excited by the complicated relationships between the four Gospels. more »

26th March 2006: Lifting up our Eyes

fr Giles Hibbert suggests that those who refuse to acknowledge the spiritual reality of Jesus condemn themselves. more »

27th June 2004: Jerusalem

fr. Giles Hibbert preaches on the importance of the city of Jerusalem to Luke's Christology. more »

10th August 2003: Food of Life

fr. Giles Hibbert preaches on the rich variation of eucharistic traditions in the New Testament. more »

14th July 2002: The Seeds of the Kingdom and the Poor in Spirit

fr. Giles Hibbert preaches on the parable of the sower: some seeds fell by the wayside, some on rocky ground, some amongst thorns, and some fell on good soil and brought forth grain -- some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. more »

18th November 2001: Fearful Signs

fr. Giles Hibbert preaches on the words of Jesus: Nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes, plagues and famines. There will be fearful signs in the heavens. more »