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Preaching by Duncan Campbell O.P.

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fr. Duncan Campbell is a member of Holy Cross Priory, Leicester. He recently retired as the director of St Martin's Mission Centre, which works to raise funds for the training of Dominican priests in the Caribbean.

13th July 2014: KNOWING PARABLES

fr Duncan explains how we have to come to hear the truth proclaimed by Jesus in His parables.

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29th September 2013: Why Rich and Poor?

fr Duncan challenges us each to reflect on how we can help those who are poor.

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30th December 2012: Holy Families

fr Duncan helps us to see how differences between generations can only be overcome by learning to respect the unique vocation in Jesus Christ each one of us is called to.

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18th March 2012: A Disciple

fr Duncan Campbell reminds us why we have crucifixes.

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8th May 2011: The Stranger

fr Duncan Campbell invites us to imagine ourselves as the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

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13th June 2010: Your Sins Are Forgiven

fr Duncan Campbell suggests that the healing power of Christ's love is needed to overcome our society's unhealthy attitude to sex.

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29th June 2009: A Greater Love

fr Duncan Campbell preaches on the failure and success of two great Apostles.

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28th September 2008: Light Shines in Darkness

fr Duncan Campbell returns to his childhood to rediscover virtue. more »

21st October 2007: In All Humanity

fr Duncan Campbell preaches on the difficulties and rewards of faith in today's world. more »

29th October 2006: Believing is Seeing

fr Duncan Campbell wonders whether we can only be cured of our spiritual blindness by following Jesus, like Bartimaeus, on the Way. more »

22nd January 2006: Answering the Call

fr Duncan Cambell urges us all to respond freely to God's call, regardless of the risk. more »

8th February 2004: Fishing

fr. Duncan Campbell preaches on leading and being led. more »

8th December 2002: Good News

fr. Duncan Campbell preaches on the meaning of 'Gospel'. more »

28th October 2001: When is a sermon ...?

fr. Duncan Campbell muses in a somewhat eccentric fashion on preaching, the clergy, and a story told by Jesus. more »