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Preaching by Benjamin Earl O.P.


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fr. Benjamin Earl is Vicar of the Dominican House in Durham, established in September 2012. He is also Parish Priest of St Cuthbert's Parish and Catholic Chaplain to Durham University.

18th May 2014: Living Stones

fr Benjamin invites us to imagine a Church made of living stones.

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11th August 2013: Keeping to Your Word

fr Benjamin reflects upon how our words reflect and yet differ immeasurably from the Word of God.

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14th October 2012: Total Giving

fr Benjamin casts light on how God transforms our helplessness through His love in Jesus Christ, inviting us to give our whole self in return.

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11th December 2011: I Am Not

fr Benjamin Earl preaches on the identity of Christ, and our own identity.

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20th March 2011: Not a Time for Glory?

fr Benjamin Earl wonders why we read about the Transfiguration during Lent.

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11th April 2010: Blind Faith?

fr Benjamin Earl warns us not to feel superior to 'Doubting Thomas'.

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30th August 2009: True Religion

fr. Benjamin Earl considers the meaning of religion that is 'pure and undefiled'.

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30th November 2008: Weeks of Watching

fr Benjamin Earl OP asks if Christians are to be sleep-deprived this Advent.

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25th December 2007: Technical Support

fr Benjamin Earl tells us how God helps us when we can't be bothered to read the manufacturer's instructions. more »

11th February 2007: Blessedness, happiness or something else?

fr. Benjamin Earl looks at what the calling to be "happy" or "blessed" really means. more »

2nd April 2006: Seeing the Christ

fr. Benjamin Earl preaches on the simple request that triggers Christ's passion. more »

1st May 2005: With you in Spirit

fr. Benjamin Earl preaches on the role of the Spirit in the Christian life. more »

12th December 2004: Getting to know the Christ

fr. Benjamin Earl explains how through Christmas we can become friends of God. more »

29th August 2004: A Parabolic Puzzle

fr. Benjamin Earl preaches on the parable that isn't. Or is it? more »

6th January 2004: The Sign of the Star

fr. Benjamin Earl preaches on the sign that proclaims Christ to all the nations. more »

12th January 2003: Witnesses to Christ

fr. Benjamin Earl preaches on the three witnesses to Christ. more »

1st September 2002: Get behind me, Satan

fr. Benjamin Earl preaches on Jesus' rebuke of Peter. more »