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Preaching by Anthony Axe O.P.


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fr. Anthony Axe is Parish Priest of Melbourne in Derbyshire.

27th April 2014: Lord, Help My Unbelief

fr Tony helps us to see how Thomas in his doubt repesents many Christians.

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21st July 2013: Welcoming and Being Welcomed

fr Anthony helps us to see how hospitality is vital the the spreading of the Gospel.

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23rd September 2012: Challenged to Serve

fr Tony reflects on why we, like the disciples, are resistant to Christ's call to serve the most vulnerable.

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20th November 2011: Not Of This World

fr Anthony Axe preaches on the difference between worldly kingdoms and the Kingdom of God.

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23rd January 2011: You Are Not Alone

fr Anthony Axe tells us that together we can work miracles.

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17th February 2010: Fitness for Life

fr Anthony Axe warns against flashy shell suits and trainers.

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9th April 2009: How Beautiful upon the Mountains

fr Tony Axe sees in the washing of the disciples' feet a powerful sign of our own calling.

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16th March 2008: Journeying Together

fr Tony Axe reflects on the many journeys we make with God as our leader, our guide and our destination. more »

18th March 2007: Transforming Lives

fr Anthony Axe explains how we can be ambassadors for Christ. more »

21st May 2006: God has no Favourites

fr Tony Axe preaches on the meeting of St Peter and the centurion Cornelius. more »

26th December 2004: The Family of Tomorrow

fr Tony Axe preaches on the contrast between the hatred and fear Christ encountered when new-born and the hope for the future that he offers. more »

7th December 2003: Christians in Exile

fr. Tony Axe preaches on this time of preparation for Christmas. more »

27th October 2002: What is Love?

fr. Tony Axe asks what kind of love Christian love really is. more »

12th May 2002: Spirit of Truth and Church of Sinners

fr. Tony Axe preaches on the the work of the Spirit in the light of the recent scandals in the Church. more »