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Preaching by Brendan Slevin O.P.


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fr. Brendan Slevin is Chaplain to Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

18th July 2010: Under My Roof

fr Brendan Slevin finds the story of Mary and Martha deeply ambiguous.

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16th August 2009: Always and Everywhere

fr Brendan Slevin always has a song in his heart.

In many places, this Sunday is the Feast of the Assumption, for which a homily can be found by clicking here.

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14th December 2008: A Reason to Rejoice

fr Brendan Slevin pauses to rejoice on Gaudete Sunday.

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20th January 2008: To the Church of God

fr Brendan Slevin finds a reproach to the Church in the second reading of today's Mass. more »

21st January 2007: The Word Dwells Among Us

fr Brendan Slevin calls on us to heed the voice of the Lord as he becomes present to us in the scriptures. more »

5th March 2006: Lead us not into Temptation

fr Brendan Slevin suggests that we allow the Spirit to drive us out into the wilderness. more »

31st October 2004: What would you see up a tree?

fr Brendan Slevin contrasts the new sight Zacchaeus is granted with the blindness of today's politics. In England and Wales the Solemnity of All Saints is transferred to today; click here for preaching on All Saints. more »

2nd November 2003: Death's Amazing Effect

fr. Brendan Slevin preaches on the strange effect death has on people. For preaching on All Saints, which is England and Wales is transferred to today, click here. more »

29th May 2003: He is taken up

fr. Brendan Slevin preaches on the great mystery of divine ascent and descent. more »

30th March 2003: What God is as great as our God?

fr. Brendan Slevin preaches on the illumination of the mystery of God. more »

13th February 2002: The Lenten Path

fr. Brendan Slevin preaches on our discovery this Lent of what belongs to God and what belongs to ourselves. more »

15th August 2001: The Moment Preordained

fr. Brendan Slevin preaches on Pope Pius XII's definition of the dogma of the Assumption in 1950. more »