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Preaching by Edward Booth O.P.


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fr. Edward Booth is chaplain to the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary in
Stykkishólmur, Iceland.

6th February 2013: Go Out to the Whole World

Fr Edward shows how the miraculous haul of fish in today’s Gospel foreshadows the Apostles’ universal mission.

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22nd April 2012: The Risen Messiah

fr Edward Booth preaches on the relationship between Christ's identity and his resurrection.

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15th May 2011: Enter by the True Door

fr Edward Booth reminds us that Christ is both the Shepherd and the Door to the sheepfold.

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20th June 2010: That Jesus Knew Fully Who He Was

fr Edward Booth preaches on Jesus's question to his disciples.

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19th July 2009: Unprecedented Mission

fr Edward Booth preaches on the mission of Christ and his disciples.

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21st September 2008: Your Conversation in Christ

fr Edward Booth muses on life in Christ, as expounded by St Paul more »

14th October 2007: A Community of Love

fr Edward Booth sees in the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan leper the hope of a new kind of human society. more »

22nd October 2006: The Learning Church

fr Edward Booth suggests that the Church today continues to learn from its mistakes, just as the Apostles did. more »

18th December 2005: Caught up into Heaven

fr Edward Booth notes some important parallels between the Annunciation and the Book of Daniel. more »

5th June 2005: Divine Mercy, Empty and Genuine

fr Edward Booth preaches on the call of Saint Matthew, which offered him true mercy in the depth of his heart. more »

11th July 2004: Inheriting eternal life

fr. Edward Booth preaches on a lawyer's question to Jesus and the Lord's answer. more »

6th April 2003: A Voice Came From Heaven

fr. Edward Booth preaches on the glory of the Holy Trinity and of the humanity of Christ. more »

7th April 2002: Like New-Born Babes

fr. Edward Booth preaches on the appearance of the Risen Christ to the disciples and then to Thomas. more »

2nd September 2001: Public self-effacement and private heroics

fr. Edward Booth preaches on the teaching of Jesus not to take the place of honour when invited to a marriage feast, and his teaching to invite the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind when you give a dinner or banquet yourself. more »