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Preaching by Colin Carr O.P.


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fr. Colin Carr lives in St Dominic's Priory, Newcastle, and is theological consultant to the North East Churches.

7th December 2014: Something More Important Than Success

fr Colin explains how in the coming of Jesus Christ we are offered somthing more important than success.

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26th January 2014: To The Ends of the Earth

fr Colin show us how Jesus Christ enables those who are on the margins to see how they are called to be at the centre of a new kingdom, the kingdom of God.

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30th March 2013: In Charge of His Helplessness

fr Colin lets us see how Christ's passion is a surrendering to the will of His Father, in which He is in charge of His helplessness.

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17th June 2012: The Sovereign Gift

fr Colin urgues us to see the parables of Jesus Christ not as stories requiring an answer, but as integral to the unfolding of the gift of His Kingdom.

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10th July 2011: The Doing Word

fr Colin Carr reminds us that God's word is not an empty noise. more »

22nd August 2010: To Live is to Move

fr Colin Carr tells us that God welcomes the badly brought-up.

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20th September 2009: Death and Glory

fr Colin Carr preaches on the call to radical humility.

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21st December 2008: The Great Works of God

fr Colin Carr meditates on how God builds himself a house through the graced freedom of Mary.

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27th January 2008: The Circle of Light

fr Colin Carr invites us to join an ever-widening circle in the darkness. more »

28th January 2007: Whose Voice?

fr Colin Carr preaches on the bravery of the prophet who listens to God rather than public opinion. more »

19th March 2006: Frightening Freedom

fr Colin Carr preaches on the risks of an unpossessive faith.

The Solemnity of Saint Joseph is transferred to tomorrow; a sermon on Saint Joseph can be found here. more »

1st August 2004: Only the light-hearted

fr. Colin Carr suggests that only the light-hearted can give their lives away. more »

28th December 2003: Lost to the Temple

fr. Colin Carr preaches on the finding of the child Jesus in the temple. more »

6th July 2003: Out of control

fr. Colin Carr preaches on a contrary God and a contrary people. more »

24th March 2002: A Disturbing Entrance

fr. Colin Carr preaches on three things that distinguish Matthew's account of Holy Week. more »

25th March 2001: A Tale of Two Brothers

fr. Colin Carr preaches on the parable of the prodigal son. more »