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Preaching by Martin Ganeri O.P.


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fr Martin Robindra Ganeri is Vice-Regent of Blackfriars Hall and Studium, Oxford, and teaches at Heythrop College, University of London.

21st December 2014: A Dwelling Place Fit for God

fr Martin relfects on how we are made living temples of God.

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23rd February 2014: The Love of Jesus Christ

fr Martin teaches how the way of perfect love can only be accomplished through Jesus Christ.

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21st April 2013: No One Shall Snatch Them Out My Hand

fr Martin relfects upon how in the modern age of information bombardment we more than ever need to create time to listen to the voice of God in His Son Jesus Christ.

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22nd July 2012: United in Christ

fr Martin shows how the fulfilment of our human desire for unity is brough about through Jesus Christ.

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11th September 2011: Sharing the Freedom of God

fr Martin Ganeri invites us to see the bigger picture.

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1st November 2010: Real Saints

fr Martin Ganeri tells us that true holiness must always find its source in Jesus Christ. Our sermon for 31st Sunday of the Year may be found here.

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29th November 2009: Walk in the Light of the Lord

fr Martin Ganeri wonders how we can remain in a state of high alert.

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22nd February 2009: Ad Salutem Humanam

fr Martin Ganeri preaches on the holistic medicine offered by Christ.

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1st June 2008: The Gift of the Law

fr Martin Ganeri suggests that the New Law of Christ is our only refuge from the storms of life. more »

20th May 2007: One As He Is One

fr Martin Ganeri finds a model for Christian - and human - unity in the Trinity.
In many places today is the Feast of the Ascension, and our latest sermon for the Ascension may be found here. more »

25th June 2006: Do You Not Care?

fr Martin Ganeri finds no answer to the problem of suffering, but perhaps a solution. more »

15th August 2005: The Fullness of Hope

fr Martin Ganeri shows us what the Assumption of Our Lady teaches us about our own destiny. more »

13th March 2005: Seduced by the Resurrection

fr Martin Ganeri preaches on the need to allow ourselves to be seduced into believing in the power of the Resurrection. more »

6th June 2004: Relating to the Trinity

fr. Martin Ganeri preaches on the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity to the Christian experience of God. more »

18th May 2003: I am the Vine, you are the branches

fr. Martin Ganeri preaches on one of the great images from the Gospel of St John more »

17th February 2002: Life and Love, Death and Sin

fr. Martin Robindra Ganeri preaches on the temptations at our creation and our recreation. more »

25th February 2001: Words Flow from what Fills the Heart

fr. Martin Robindra Ganeri preaches on the disharmony between who we are and what we say. more »