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Preaching by Isidore Clarke O.P.


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fr. Isidore Clarke is a member of the community at Holy Cross Priory, Leicester, and Provincial Chaplain to the Dominican Secular Institute.

30th November 2014: Tear Open the Heavens and Come Down

fr Isidore reflects on how God answers our cries by sending his Son into the world.

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19th January 2014: I Come To Do Your Will

fr Isidore offers advice on how to discern God's will.

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28th March 2013: Called to Follow Him in Service

fr Isidore helps us to see how Christ's washing of His disciples feet is a key to understanding His passion and resurrection.

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24th June 2012: What Will this Child Become?

fr Isidore explains why The Birth of John the Baptist occupies such an important place in the liturgy.

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17th July 2011: What To Do About The Weeds

fr Isidore Clarke warns us against premature judgement.

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29th August 2010: Who's the Greatest?

fr Isidore Clarke suggests that we learn to laugh at ourselves.

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11th October 2009: Travelling Light

fr Isidore Clarke encourages us to lay down the burden of wealth.

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25th December 2008: Lowly in the Manger Lies

fr Isidore Clarke calls us to worship our Saviour in the crib.

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24th February 2008: Living Water

fr Isidore Clarke preaches on the encounter between Christ and the Samaritan woman. more »

18th February 2007: Turning the Other Cheek

fr Isidore Clarke calls for all of us to be ministers of reconciliation. more »

9th April 2006: The Royal Way

fr Isidore Clarke contrasts the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem with his dereliction on the cross. more »

25th September 2005: A Tale of Two Brothers

fr Isidore Clarke hopes that we can avoid being God's problem children. more »

9th January 2005: Baptised for Mission

fr Isidore Clarke recalls that we, like Christ, are baptised into the mission of spreading God's light to the nations. more »

25th April 2004: Christ's sheep regathered

fr. Isidore Clarke preaches on three episodes of reconciliation. more »

5th January 2003: Call, Revelation and Mission

fr. Isidore Clarke preaches on the various aspects of the celebration of the revealing of Christ to the Gentiles. more »

28th April 2002: Good Old Days?

fr. Isidore Clarke preaches on how a Church of Sinners can also give opportunities for new developments. more »

4th February 2001: With him we shall do great things

fr. Isidore Clarke preaches on the Lord's call of Isaiah and Simon Peter. more »