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Preaching by Mark Edney O.P.


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Fr. Mark is presently serving as parish priest of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in El Centro, CA, USA.

11th May 2014: Stupid Sheep?

fr Mark helps us to see what being called one of God's sheep really means.

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4th August 2013: Teaching Poverty

Fr Mark reflects upon Christ's teaching on poverty in today's Gospel.

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7th October 2012: Healing Our Original Wound

fr Mark show us how Jesus' sayings on marriage are to be understood as healing our original wound.

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4th December 2011: Where to Begin?

fr Mark Edney sympathises with those who yearn for a new world.

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25th July 2010: The Praying Game

fr Mark Edney finds insight into the Our Father from the writing of Péguy.

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6th September 2009: Being Disobedient to Jesus

fr Mark Edney encourages us to speak out.

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23rd November 2008: The Burden of Virtue

fr Mark Edney prays for the coming of a Kingdom no eye has seen, and no human heart has imagined. more »

16th December 2007: What Do You Expect?

fr Mark Edney reminds us that the true God, unlike our false gods, always exceeds our expectations. more »

10th December 2006: Make Straight the Paths of Joy

fr Mark Edney tells us what is the opposite of a Christian people. more »

19th June 2005: Summoned to Belong

fr Mark Edney preaches on the challenge of overcoming the deadly fear abroad in modern society. more »

6th February 2005: A City Built on a Hill

fr Mark Edney suggests that we should not be afraid of the ambition of creating a truly Christian political society. more »

4th July 2004: Sending out labourers into the harvest

fr. Mark Edney preaches on the identity of the the Lord's labourers. more »

22nd June 2003: With Jesus through the Storms of Life

fr. Mark Edney preaches on Jesus 'in the stern, his head on the cushion, asleep'. For preaching for Corpus Christi, which in Scotland is transferred to this Sunday, click here. more »

10th March 2002: Judgment our Salvation

fr. Mark Edney preaches on Jesus the Judge. more »

1st July 2001: Looking Back

fr. Mark Edney preaches on Jesus' replies to some would-be disciples. more »