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Preaching by Robert Ombres O.P.


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fr. Robert Ombres, until recently Procurator General of the Order of Preachers, now lives and teaches at Blackfriars, Oxford.

9th November 2014: Our One Foundation

fr Robert notes how our faith is embodied through a Church building.

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1st January 2014: By Way of Mary

fr Robert helps us to see how Mary is Mother to all who belong to her son.

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fr Robert helps us to envision how we can see our own lives in the mirror of today's Gospel.

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17th May 2012: In Time and Out of Time

fr Robert Ombres offers us a way of envisaging time through contemplation upon the Ascension.

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31st July 2011: Does God Care?

fr Robert Ombres invites us to work miracles.

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12th September 2010: The Lost Son

fr Robert Ombres wonders who is really lost, and who is really prodigal.

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4th October 2009: Restart from the Beginning

fr Robert Ombres preaches on Christian marriage.

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28th December 2008: Too Good to be True

fr Robert Ombres finds the Holy Family good enough to be true.

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6th February 2008: Dust and Ashes

fr Robert Ombres finds in today's liturgy a perfect symbol of the Christian combination of realism and hope. more »

25th February 2007: Lenten Question

fr Bob Ombres relates the temptations of Christ to the traditional penitential exercises of Lent. more »

14th April 2006: What Happened on Good Friday?

fr Robert Ombres reminds us that we need to keep the Passion of Christ before our eyes all the year round.

The Easter Sermon can be found here. more »

6th January 2005: Guides for Complicated Journeys

fr Bob Ombres contrasts the simplicity of the angel's message to the shepherds in Luke's Gospel with the complexity of the pilgrimage of the Magi in Matthew's. more »

9th May 2004: Love, the centre of Christianity?

fr. Bob Ombres preaches on the cost of Christian charity. more »

23rd February 2003: Jesus Makes All the Difference

fr. Robert Ombres preaches on the healing and forgiveness of the paralytic. more »

13th January 2002: Baptism, our Tomb and Womb

fr. Robert Ombres preaches on the feast of the Lord which completes the Christmas season. more »

31st December 2000: Impossible Ideal or Gritty Reality?

fr. Bob Ombres preaches a homily for the feast of the Holy Family, which the Church celebrates on the Sunday in the Octave of Christmas. more »