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Preaching by Peter Hunter O.P.


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fr. Peter Hunter teaches philosophy at Blackfriars, Oxford.

1st February 2015: The Power of God

fr Peter helps us to understand the nature of God's power.

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30th March 2014: Why Do We Suffer?

fr Peter reflects upon the nature of suffering.

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2nd June 2013: Taking Pleasure in the things of God

fr Peter shows how the Holy Eucharist brings us the joy of an overflowing feast.

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5th August 2012: Seeing in Love

fr Peter prompts us to re-examine the everyday events of our lives in the light of Christ's self-giving love.

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25th September 2011: Never Too Late

fr Peter Hunter tells of the road paved with good intentions.

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14th November 2010: Not the End of the World

fr Peter Hunter gives us some reassuring, but also challenging, words.

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13th December 2009: Not Just a Second Chance

fr Peter Hunter tells us that Christ offers a radically new beginning.

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8th February 2009: Not Easy, but Free

fr Peter Hunter finds a world of possibilities opened up through Jesus.

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13th April 2008: So Ancient and So New

fr Peter Hunter preaches on what it is that we recognise in the call of the true Shepherd. more »

6th April 2007: Banishing the Shadows

fr Peter Hunter asks why Jesus died on the Cross. more »

30th April 2006: Things That Go 'Bump' in the Night

fr Peter Hunter explains why Jesus is the very opposite of a ghost. more »

24th July 2005: Wisdom Both Ancient and New

fr Peter Hunter shows how God's wisdom alone is ever ancient and ever new. more »

2nd January 2005: The Power of the Word

fr Peter Hunter reminds us that the Incarnation is not merely an abstract idea but a concrete person. In some places, the Feast of the Epiphany is transferred to today: for preaching on the Epiphany, click here. more »

18th July 2004: At Home with God

fr. Peter Hunter preaches on the hospitality of God. more »

1st November 2002: Simplicity in the Saints

fr. Peter Hunter preaches on how the simplicity of God is reflected in the plurality of his saints. more »

7th July 2002: Strange News

fr. Peter Hunter preaches on the prophecy of Zechariah of a king riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey. more »

28th March 2002: The Depths of His Love

fr. Peter Hunter preaches on the washing of feet as a sign of Christ's love for us. more »

7th October 2001: Humility and Humiliation

fr. Peter Hunter preaches on our dignity and humility. more »