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Preaching by Neil Ferguson O.P.


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fr. Neil Ferguson O.P. is a member of the Priory of The Holy Cross, Leicester.

15th June 2014: The Eternal Communication of Love and Life

fr Neil shows us how our knowledge of the Holy Trinity depends upon what is revealed in Jesus Christ.

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25th August 2013: From East and West

fr Neil contrasts a false utopian vision for peace with the reality of the unity found in Jesus Christ.

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4th November 2012: Written in the Heart

fr Neil explains how God's law is written in the heart, and why our wounded hearts need the healing of Jesus Christ if they are to find God.

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3rd January 2012: Redraw Your Maps

fr Neil Ferguson ponders on the journey of the Magi to Bethlehem.

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6th February 2011: See!

fr Neil Ferguson preaches on the relationship between faith and vision.

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7th March 2010: From Among Thorns

fr Neil Ferguson links the burning bush to the Passion of Christ.

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31st May 2009: The Importance of the Number Seven

fr Neil Ferguson preaches on the menorah.

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15th August 2008: Faith of Patriarchs and Matriarchs

fr Neil Ferguson expounds how the Assumption of Our Lady fulfils the expectation of the Old Testament. more »

9th September 2007: A Sword, Not a Bathrobe

fr Neil Ferguson warns against a one-sided view of Christ's ministry of peace. more »

17th September 2006: The Glory and the Shame

fr Neil Ferguson considers the reality of taking up our cross and following Christ. more »

8th January 2006: Into the Promised Land

fr Neil Ferguson links the baptism of Jesus to the preaching mission of the Church.

In some places, the Epiphany is transferred to this Sunday, and the Baptism of the Lord is celebrated the following day. A sermon for the Epiphany can be found here. more »

5th December 2004: Hope Fulfilled

fr Neil Ferguson explores the extraordinary fulfillment by Christ of the hopes of the prophet Isaiah. more »

4th January 2004: A Dwelling in Jacob

fr. Neil Ferguson preaches on the mystery of the incarnation. For preaching for Epiphany, which in Scotland is transferred to this Sunday, click here. more »

17th April 2003: When the moon is full

fr. Neil Ferguson preaches on the institution of the sacrament of orders. more »

30th December 2001: Holy Familiarity

fr. Neil Ferguson preaches on how deeply God has entered into the mundane of our life as well as the dramatic. more »

14th January 2001: The Best is Kept 'til Last

fr. Neil Ferguson preaches a homily for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time. more »