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Preaching by Timothy J. Calvert O.P.


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fr. Timothy John Calvert is Prior and Parish Priest of the Priory of Saint Dominic, London.

5th January 2014: All Are Called To Him

fr Tim helps us to see how all are called to Jesus Christ.

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17th March 2013: From His Silence

fr Tim shows us how Jesus sees the woman caught in adultery from the silence of His mercy.

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27th May 2012: Peace Twofold Bestowed

Fr Tim preaches the peace of Christ, a peace which Christ bestows twice: to heal us and to raise our souls to new life.

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4th September 2011: The Truth That Sets Us Free

fr Timothy Calvert insists that only adherence to the truth of Christ can bring an end to human conflict.

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31st October 2010: As Easy as Climbing a Tree

fr Timothy Calvert preaches for 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time. A sermon for All Saints Day, which replaces the Sunday in many places, may be found here.

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27th December 2009: Learning to be Young

fr Timothy Calvert preaches on the Holy Family.

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11th January 2009: The Desert Becomes a City

fr Tim Calvert sees the holiness of Jesus spilling into the streets.

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2nd March 2008: A New Vision

fr Timothy Calvert preaches on the gift of sight to the man born blind. more »

1st April 2007: The Very Stones

fr Timothy Calvert meditates upon a puzzling saying of Jesus at his entry into Jerusalem. more »

16th April 2006: Being Someone

fr Timothy Calvert preaches on the readings of the Easter Vigil. more »

1st November 2005: The Music of Love

fr Timothy Calvert preaches on the saints' power to sing the song of divine love. more »

22nd May 2005: God isn't watching us...

fr Timothy Calvert warns us of the dangers of catchy tunes. more »

25th July 2004: Praying into Divine Friendship

fr. Timothy Calvert preaches on the meaning and purpose of our prayer. more »

10th June 2004: A Mystery We Must Become

fr. Timothy Calvert preaches on our continual repetition of the eucharist, which recalls Christ's sacrifice of himself on the altar of the cross. more »

15th August 2003: Enthroned on the Praises of Israel

fr. Timothy Calvert preaches that in this feast we rejoice that a perfect song of praise has not been lost in the corruption of death, but is sung before the presence of God through all eternity. more »

27th January 2002: Fishers of Men

fr. Timothy John Calvert preaches on Jesus' call to four fishermen. more »

14th October 2001: Soil, suffering, thanks and praise

fr. Timothy John Calvert preaches on an outsider's thanks and praise. more »